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CRP tests

Veroval® CRP test - to distinguish between viral and bacterial infections

With the Veroval® test, you can now quickly and reliably find out whether or not your infection is caused by bacteria and whether it makes sense to take antibiotics. Once you know the result of the test, you can consult your doctor about the next step.

  • Quick home CRP test to find out the origin of the infection - bacterial or viral infection
  • Results in 7 minutes
  • Performed in the comfort of your own home
  • 95% accuracy proven by study

Benefits of a home CRP test

  • Saves you time - you know the result within 5 minutes
  • Avoid unnecessary antibiotics - they only work for bacterial infections. If you are prescribed antibiotics for a disease caused by viruses, not only will the antibiotics not cure you, but they will weaken your body and gradually teach it to become resistant to antibiotic-based drugs. 
  • High accuracy - greater than 95% 
  • Only one drop of blood is needed for collection
  • The test is available at any time of the day - according to your needs
  • Even children can use it

How does the CRP test work?

The Veroval CRP rapid test has been developed to increase the accuracy and reliability of modern diagnostics to make it affordable for home use. The test determines the concentration of CRP (C-reactive protein) in the blood. The CRP value provides information about the response of the immune system to incipient bacterial inflammation. If the values are high, a doctor should be seen to assess the condition and, if necessary, prescribe antibiotics. If the values are low or slightly elevated, it is a viral illness and antibiotics are not needed for treatment.

Important information

The CRP test is intended for home use, but the final clinical diagnosis must be made by a physician. 

Manifestations of the problem

  • Increased temperature
  • runny nose
  • cough
  • headache
  • sore throat
  • fatigue



A healthy lifestyle is a high priority for many people today. Thanks to its comprehensive portfolio, the Veroval brand meets the demands of customers who want to keep their health under control.Veroval offers devices and tests for home diagnostics that allow regular monitoring of health status and early detection of possible health risks. 

Hartmann is the distributor of Veroval products.With Veroval's revolutionary home diagnostic tests, you can, for example, detect iron deficiencies, bacterial diseases and a whole range of other health complications in a matter of seconds.

All products are clinically proven.

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