Nitrile gloves Peha-soft nitrile - Hartmann, size S,M,L - 100pcs

Reliable protection against pathogens, chemicals and cytostatics.

High flexibility.

Non-sterile powder-free latex gloves, blue

Product detail:

Disposable Peha-soft nitrile gloves are made of soft nitrile rubber
The gloves are not powdered, but have a special inner layer for easy application on the hands.

  • Durable disposable gloves for use in all areas where consumers have some risk of contamination, particularly suitable for people prone to latex allergies or those who have hypersensitive reactions to powdered gloves.
  • Suitable for use as a medical device in accordance with EN 455 and as personal protective equipment in accordance with EN 374 Category III - in laboratories, for handling chemicals and disinfectants.
  • Can be used in direct contact with food.

Other advantages of Peha-soft nitrile gloves

  • Suitable for persons with a tendency to latex allergy
  • suitable for persons hypersensitive to powdered gloves
  • can be used in contact with food
  • can be worn on the right or left hand
  • Nitrile gloves have a great fit, with a rougher surface in the finger area to ensure an ideal grip. They are highly elastic and tear resistant.

How Peha-soft nitrile gloves work

The nitrile rubber material is soft and flexible for easy glove stretching, while being tear resistant and effectively protecting the skin in all areas where users are exposed to potential contamination while needing high touch sensitivity.


HARTMANN - RICO Inc. was founded in 1991 by the merger of Rico, a successful manufacturer of cotton wool, dressing material and hygiene supplies
(founded as Richter&Compagnon in 1891 in Chomutov) and the world's leading manufacturer of medical and hygiene products, the company
PAUL HARTMANN (founded in 1818 in Heidenheim).

With this move, the company also became part of the strong international HARTMANN Group. The HARTMANN Group is at home on every continent. They believe in the endless possibilities of improving healthcare solutions, putting them in the hands of healthcare professionals and ordinary users alike. They can draw on 200 years of experience, deep insight and expertise in the healthcare sector, which they acquire through constant dialogue with all customer groups.


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